Reliable Rabbit Grooming Services That Leave Your Rabbit Looking and Feeling Their Best

We know the struggle. You go to the vet or groomer to wait in a noisy, stressful waiting room. On the other hand, if you’ve ever spent hours trying to untangle your rabbit’s fur by yourself, you know how difficult and time-consuming the task can be.


That’s why we’re here! With our experience in grooming, we can get the job done with a level of detail and thoroughness that can’t be found elsewhere. We save you time and effort that can be spent on other things, making life easier for you and your rabbits.


At Binky Bunny Boarding, we offer a range of rabbit grooming services that include nail clipping, detangling and brushing, general grooming, and an extensive de-matt. Check out each individual service to find the best fit for your furry friend.

What You Can Expect

  • Stress-free, comfortable, and safe environment
  • Luxury accommodation while your rabbit waits to be picked up
  • Careful & detailed grooming
  • Professional groomers with years of experience
  • Thorough health check
  • Safe & stress-free nail clipping (treats included!)
  • General care advice


Why Groom Your Rabbit?

Grooming is essential for your bunny’s overall health and well-being. Just like we need to brush our teeth and hair, rabbits also need to be cared for. Grooming will keep your rabbit’s fur coat in good condition, preventing mats and other health issues. It’s also important to check for mites, fleas, and ticks that may lead to infections or diseases.

We focus on your bunny as a whole, which means we’re thorough in our grooming process. We cover every body part from the ears to the teeth, checking for anything out of place and grooming carefully. At Binky Bunny Boarding, we promise to do our best while grooming. This means being careful and thorough, paying attention to detail, and providing a comfortable, stress-free environment.

Not Just Grooming!

While grooming, we will check your rabbit’s:

  • Weight
  • Teeth
  • Coat for mites
  • Ears for mites and cleanliness
  • Bottom for cleanliness and matts
  • Scent glands and clean if required
  • Nails and trim if required
  • Check general body condition


Rabbit Grooming At Home

If you are unable to travel to us, we are able to come to you. If you have a particularly poorly or nervous rabbit, our in home services may be better suited to you. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Rabbit Grooming Packages

Short fur – £20 includes: groom & tidy up, bum trim, health check, nail clip, general advice

Cashmere / Double-maned Lionhead – from £30 includes: groom & tidy up, full body clipping (if needed), bum trim, health check, nail clip, general advice

Angora – from £45 includes: groom & tidy up, full body clipping (if needed), bum trim, health check, nail clip, general advice

Individual Prices

Nail clip & health check - £10

Mite treatment - £25 applied at time of groom (if required)

Bum trim and clean for poorly bunnies - £25

In home traveling expenses, are charged at 45p per mile

For bunnies who will need regular grooming, we have a loyalty card which will entitle you to 50% off your next visit once full!
Not offered or redeemable against boarding

Rabbit grooming usually takes between 1 and 1.5 hours. Due to our insurance, and to minimise stress to your rabbits, we ask that you drop them off and we will call you when they are ready to be collected. There are several local coffee shops and a park near by.