Rabbit Boarding

Are you looking for safe and cosy rabbit boarding? Our spacious, Luxury Rabbit Lodges are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our rabbit boarding facilities provide plenty of room for your loved ones to run around, binky and periscope. Each Lodge has a large floor space and several ramps and floors to keep your bunny active and exploring. Each floor has commercial grade anti-slip flooring for safety and hygiene. Your bunny or bonded pair, have the whole lodge to themselves!

Glazed windows enable your bunny to see out and let plenty of light in as well as being fully lined and insulated against the summer heat and winter cold; your bunny will always be snug and cosy.

We provide the finest quality locally grown, long stem Timothy Hay and a selection of ReadiGrass too. Hay is topped up daily along with fresh water and fresh veggies through out their stay. Just let us know their favourite veggies.

To prevent upset to your rabbits tummy, we ask that you provide enough of their usual pelleted food to last their stay. And to help your bunny settle in, we encourage owners to bring their favouite toys and blanket, there’s plenty of room!

You are welcome to view our Bunny Lodges at anytime before your rabbits stay, just call ahead to arrange.

For your convenience, our drop off and collection times are flexible, and if you are short on time, we can collect and return your loved one.

For extra peace of mind, updates of your loved ones are posted each day on our Facebook page. You can see our latest updates, videos and pictures here.

Call Jacqui today to discuss your requirements on 02382 182 371