Rabbit nail clipping

Stress-free & Safe Nail Trimming at Affordable Rates

It’s time to say goodbye to the stressful and expensive vet visits to get your rabbit or guinea pig’s nails trimmed.

At Binky Bunny Boarding, Jacqui provides a relaxing nail-clipping experience that you’ve never seen before. From the quiet environment, no waiting time, and methods of keeping your rabbits calm and comfortable, we offer quality nail trimming services that you’ll want to come back for.

How We Do It.

Nail clipping is a sometimes tedious task that is usually best left to the professionals. It requires clippers and a steady hand (and maybe some treats for your rabbit or guinea pig!) We’re careful in avoiding the quick, which is the vein inside the nail and can be painful for the animal if cut into. You can trust us to take our time and make sure your rabbit is safe and comfortable.


Why It’s Important to Have the Nails Clipped.

In the wild, rabbits’ nails are naturally worn down by everyday movement and activities. Unfortunately, domesticated pets aren’t receiving a natural trim, so we need to do it for them.

It’s important to cut their nails to prevent them from growing too long and causing discomfort or other health issues. If left unclipped, long nails can eventually turn in on the paw, which is uncomfortable, painful, and may cause injury.

Furthermore, long nails can also lead to your rabbit getting stuck on carpets or other fabrics, which may result in injury. We wouldn’t want that to happen! Keeping their claws trimmed helps maintain good mobility and prevents potential problems.

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If you’re looking for a stress-free nail clipping service to keep your rabbit hopping and running, book your appointment today!

Does your rabbit or guinea pig need a groom? Our rabbit grooming packages include nail clipping, scent gland cleaning and a basic health check too!


Nail clip - £10