1Do you need my rabbits vaccination card?
Yes, we will need to see a current vaccination card for each rabbit that covers they're stay with us. They must be vaccinated for MYXO, RVHD1 and RVHD2. Without this, we are unable to board your rabbits.
2What else do I need to bring?
Anything they are used to settle them in such as their favourite blanket and enrichment toys etc. We also need enough of their regular pellet to last the duration of their stay.
3Do you provide hay, forage & herbs?
Yes, we provide quality hay, fresh herbs or dried forage. Please make a note of their usual diet for us.
4Do you provide rabbit pellets?
No, this is the only thing we do not provide. We ask that you provide enough pellets for their stay. A change in pellets can lead to an upset stomach.

Term's & Conditions

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