Guinea Pig Grooming & Spas

We all know guinea pig grooming and bathing can be a difficult and time consuming task. We offer various services to make life easier for you and your guinea pig. Whether you require a nail clip, grooming, or a luxury pamper spa, we can help.

Why Groom Your Guinea Pig?

Guinea pig grooming can be a delicate process, especially for guinea pigs with long or curly hair. Finding a groomer who understands how to work with different types of hair and has experience dealing with different temperaments can make all the difference in ensuring that your guinea pig has a positive grooming experience.

Guinea Pig Spa Days

Comfortable, relaxed guinea pigs are our top priority.

Nicely Groomed

guinea pig grooming
All grooms include a nail trim and health check

Grooming & Hygiene

Having your guinea pig groomed is important for several reasons. Grooming helps to maintain the health of your guinea pig's coat. Long-haired guinea pigs are particularly prone to getting matted fur, which can cause discomfort and even health problems.

Regular grooming helps to prevent mats and tangles, keeping your guinea pig's coat healthy and shiny. Grooming also helps to prevent hygiene issues. Matted or dirty fur can lead to bacterial infections and unpleasant odors. Grooming can help to keep your guinea pig's fur clean and dry, reducing the risk of infections and keeping your guinea pig smelling fresh.

Not Just Grooming!

Each guinea pig groom includes:

  • Full body groom, haircut & matt removal
  • Spa bath (optional)
  • Nail trimming
  • Basic health check
  • Ear cleaning
  • Weight check
  • Grease gland cleaning
  • Boar maintenance
  • Skin & parasite checks
  • Foot spur removal

Safe & Enjoyable

Many guinea pigs enjoy being groomed, regular, professional guinea pig grooming is ideal to keep your guinea pig healthy, happy, and looking great, regular guinea pig grooming is definitely a good idea!

Guinea Pig Grooming Packages

Groom Short Fur – £10 includes: groom & tidy up, health check, nail clip, general advice

Groom Long Fur – £15 includes: groom & tidy up, clipping (if needed), bum trim, health check, nail clip, general advice

The Works Groom & Spa – £20 includes: spa using Gorgeous Guineas range of shampoos, groom & tidy up, full body clipping (if needed), bum trim, health check, nail clip, general advice (not available as 'in home' service)

Individual Prices

Nail clip - £10 (£8 each additional guinea pig)

In home traveling expenses, are charged at 45p per mile

For guinea pigs who will need regular grooming, we have a loyalty card which will entitle you to 50% off your next visit once full!
Not offered or redeemable against boarding